A Letter from Amber Aguilar

Amber Aguilar is a Hispanic youth from Central Falls.  Due to many social and economic barriers Central Falls youth deal with peer pressure which makes failure easier than success. Before wrestling Amber  struggled academically and was chronically absent.  Wrestling changed that. This year she received our Most Improved Award because of her consistent improvement on the mat and in the classroom. We are confident that this new focus will continue as she enters high school next year.

Amber wrote this letter to her coach about what wrestling means to her.

“What wrestling means to me”


Wrestling means a lot to me. it helped me a lot in my life.To me it means family and success. When I was feeling down it helped pick me back up, with all the new friends I made. Without wrestling I don't know where I'll be at right now. Wrestling has made me do better in school because my coach wants to see me succeed in my school work. Wrestling has encouraged me to be more active and workout more. I have made so many awesome friends in wrestling. Even the coaches are my friends they all care about us. I even met this one girl who became the world to me. No matter what my team is not only just my team they are my family. I lose and I win but I always try my best, sometimes I give up, but I am always told to never give up so I go and try and win. Wrestling has taught me to never give up. In wrestling I can get all my anger out and everything it really helps me a lot. I feel like I can be successful in wrestling. Wrestling means a lot to me it taught me to be stronger and to keep going. To me wrestling means life, family and success.